Currently we are living in Olathe, KS until we decide to continue west. The decision has been made. We are moving to Oregon!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Time for change

We are about to move to Salem, Oregon. John applied for a promotion/transfer within Garmin and got it. Sadly we won't be finishing our cross country adventure by bike or foot but instead by U-Haul. We are very excited and want to let everyone know what we have been up to. It has been a while and we have been busy! Get ready for pictures. These are in sequential order from the Fall of 2014 until the Spring of 2015. Are you ready? Ok then here we go!

Katie has been enjoying the local archery range!
Katie has been helping our friend Lauren out at her office after she gets off her day job at Miss Brightsides.
Our friend Olivia invited us out for a concert at Shawnee Mission Park.
Yes Rafiki is still adorable and he still loves walks!
We like pretty landscapes, what can we say. This is Frisco Lake.
It is a Grasshopper! He rode in on Katie's trike.
Rafiki has been receiving Bark Boxes since September.
We love getting out and riding the trails.
Rafiki is off to puppy camp! He loves puppy camp!
Best Friends
John purchased a used "Stumptown" bike and took advantage of our proximity to Groody Brothers. We rode 70 miles round trip to drop the frame off for painting.
It was a beautiful October day on our ride to Groody Bros in Kansas City. 
We adopted a local cat from Garmin who's owner passed away. Meet Skitches.
Prairie Center Park
While grocery shopping it snowed, glad we brought the trikes!
John's new cross bike!
John is proud of his Stumptown. :-)
He is growing up!
Rafiki's Christmas Bark Box contained a doggy bandanna. He wasn't sure what to think of it at first.
He got used to his bandanna.
We didn't do much Christmas decorating but we did where our Santa Hats for almost a week.
These two waited patiently for us to bring our trikes inside.
Frozen Frisco Lake
Skitches had to inspect Rafiki's toys first!
Linda and Virgil invited us to stay with them in Edgerton for a weekend. We played games went to the Edgerton Methodist Church again and had a lot of fun.
Linda and Virgil took us out to the Louisburg Cider Mill which made great Apple Cider Donuts!
Garmin stair murals can me amusing!
Makes climbing the 7 stories entertaining.
John had his physical done at Garmin, afterward he climbed to the top floor for a morning picture of Olathe.
Running errands with Rafiki makes a happy puppy!
We salvaged and restored this abandoned '97 Specialized Sirrus bike for our friend Cal. He is the only other person we know here that bikes everywhere.
Katie got a new Cannondale for Christmas, she is proud of her stable.
Rafiki ran 11 miles that day and enjoyed Burger King with his parents.
Someone enjoys the dog parks!
Rafiki can fly on the Mill Creek!
70 degrees in January!
Kansas clouds.
This is February and it felt like summer.
Yearly maintence. Tire alignment, brakes/bolts check, and full bath.
Fun in the park.
Best picture ever?
Did you know Rafiki loves dog parks?
He also loves to run next to daddy in the snow!
Sometimes we need a nap.
On the way home from the dog park.
These blossoms smell great!
Overland Park Arboretum
Overland Park Arboretum
Heritage Hill Park
We send each other adorable pictures during the day.
Mission Accomplished!