We now live in Salem, OR. Thank you to all who helped us on our adventure!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!

It took a fortnight but we finally have gotten around to uploading our photos from the big move. We are incredibly excited to be living in Oregon. A little sad we didn't get to hike or bike it but glad to have finally made it to the west coast. Along the way we saw Pronghorn, Roadrunners, and an Elk, sorry none of them were photographed. Enjoy our photos and make sure to watch the video.

Our last view of Frisco Lake
Skitches hung out in Rafiki's crate while we ate lunches on the back of the truck.
While we were driving Skitches rode up front with us.

An interesting bridge as we entered the Black Hills
We had to stop at Mount Rushmore!
Closest we got to Crazy Horse

One rest area in Wyoming had a "Doggy play pen"
Rafiki and Skitches did really well on this trip, thankfully!
Battle of Little Big Horn

Columbia Gorge in Oregon
We grew up next to Route 30 on the other side of the country!
Willamette River in Salem, OR